Women Entrepreneur

“I met Shawn in 2016 and it was a game changer personally and professionally. Through his coaching and guidance our business is thriving. He will help you realize your purpose, find your passion and hold you accountable.”




“Shawn Tiberio brings dynamic change to those he engages. Personally I and my business have grown through our relationship. He is truly Leading others through effective communication, knowledge and passion!”



Event Planner

“Shawn Tiberio is an amazing dynamic speaker on many levels. He brings his knowledge to you in a way that is understandable regardless of your knowledge or experience level! His passion for what he does shines through everytime!”


thumb_01_60_60Cassandra Bushell

Royal Properties KC

“I was incredibly impressed with Shawn as a presenter and as a person. His passion really shines through. When he speaks, he is engaging and energetic and presents the material in a very clear way making it easy to retain.”


thumb_02_60_60 Rafael Suazo

R & V Properties

“I am a part of a redevelopment company based in Hawaii. As a military veteran Shawn get’s no better. Leadership, grit, grind, the guy just get’s it done. So if you have the opportunity to work with Shawn it’s a must, go for it.”


thumb_03_60_60 Vanessa Turk

R & V Properties

“I had the pleasure of meeting Shawn a few years ago and he’s helped coach us through our business in so many different aspects. He is very motivating and empowering and he’s really helped get us out of our comfort zones.”



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