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Shawn Tiberio.

“Shawn is a ninja when it comes to real estate investing and he’s always searching for a way to get better results. His travels and experience has brought him to learn under some of the greatest teachers of our time, and his mental fortitude precedes him. Super excited for his book to come out.” – Keith

Looking for a Real Estate Investing Results Coach?

If you answered yes to needing a real estate investing results coach to take your business to the next level, look no further, Shawn Tiberio is the #1 Real Estate Investing Results Coach in the industry. Real Estate Investing and Mindset has become a must for Shawn. With a passion to help everyone think more like the bigger version of themselves, Shawn has set out to work on the mindset of those real estate investors wanting to think bigger, take on more in life and achieve the goals they only dreamed about. 

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How Can Shawn Help You Achieve Greatness In Your Real Estate Investing Business?


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Shawn is your #1 results coach. After years of coaching thousands of business owners across the United States and building multiple businesses in different states himself.Shawn has dialed in what it takes to see results quickly In your business. Shawn has heard it all over the years. Bringing his ten years of Marine Corps service into the mix, he has created a unique twist on business that is guaranteed to get you results. Contact Shawn to find out more.


The power of having others holding your feet to the fire has always been a great way to ensure you get what you need to done. By joining Shawn and his team, this is exactly what you get. Shawn has created a group of very serious entrepreneurs and athletes, who take accountability to the next level. To surround yourself with liked minded group simply join Shawn’s personal Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/135555640424731/ Contact Shawn to find out more.


Mindset is the key to anyones success. Regardless if it’s in business or life, your ability to control your thoughts is crucial. As the Author of the book “Fortifying Your Mind”. Shawn reveals the five major tactics you can use to do just that. Applying these battle tested tactics proven to help you elevate your life, you will start to think more clear and have better control of the little voice in your mind. With events, courses and coaching Shawn has a number of options for you and your team to truly change your mindset. Contact Shawn to find out more.


No one has ever achieved success alone. All of the greats have been coached to the top. Shawn’s passion has become coaching you to achieve the goals you want to achieve. Through the number of programs, courses, one-on-one sessions. Shawn takes his personal system to create a detailed plan customized to your goals. Together you and Shawn will make your year the best it has ever been. Contact Shawn to find out more.

Sometimes we just need a little guidance or brainstorming partner to help bring the focus to your picture. Shawn can help you or your team come up with a detailed plan and dial it into the focus and mission of your company. Leveraging his years of experience planning combat operations and building businesses thousands of miles away from where Shawn was. There is few out there that can get you as clear as you will be on your game plan. Contact Shawn to find out more.
The act of sport has constantly been the way to grow and develop a team. Using this concept, Shawn is the perfect option for your team building exercises. Shawn will personally customize a challenge for you or your team that will be new and exciting each time. Guaranteed to elevate moral, boost self confidence and overall raise the excitement of everyone. Contact Shawn to find out more.


Why Work With Shawn?

Shawn is a Marine Corps veteran, serving 10 years of honorable service in the United States Marine Corps. With multiple deployments over the years, extensive training as an Ironman distance triathlete and well rounded successful entrepreneur, Shawn has the knowledge and experience to help you find that inner lion that lives inside of you. 

“I met Shawn in 2016 and it was a game changer personally and professionally. Through his coaching and guidance our real estate investing business is thriving. He will help you realize your purpose, find your passion and hold you accountable.” -Sarah

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Once you submit your information via the short form, Shawn will send you a link to his personal calendar so you can schedule your meeting.



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Shawn offers a few different success paths that will help you achieve the results you are looking for: Live Events, Online Courses, Group Coaching and one-on-one Coaching. 



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The final step is all about stepping outside your comfort zone, committing to the decision you made to change your life and taking action. Shawn will guide you to success! 

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“I was incredibly impressed with Shawn as a presenter and as a person. His passion really shines through. When he speaks, he is engaging and energetic and presents the material in a very clear way making it easy to retain. It is obvious he genuinely cares for each person in the room and is invested in helping them achieve success.” – Cassandra Bushell

“I had the pleasure of meeting Shawn a few years ago and he’s helped coach us through our business in so many different aspects. He is very motivating and empowering and he’s really helped get us out of our comfort zones.” – Vanessa Turk

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Extreme Sports For Vets (Xsports4Vets.org) is a group of current conflict veterans that strive to help other combat veterans succeed. They utilize as many extreme sports as they can to take the edge out of civilian life. Riverboarding, rock climbing, trike flying, skydiving, rafting and many other activities are their expertise! Vets benefit from getting out and meeting people that have been in their shoes.


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