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Share the power of fortifying your mind with your audience so they can become better leaders.


Shawns tactics help me close a multiple 6 figure opportunity for my business. Before these tactics I would have never been able to have the conversation to land this for my business.

 Sarah Krane

Shawn’s most common speaking topics are:

  • Fortifying Your Mind (How entrepreneurs and employees #1 asset is being weakened, costing them their success)
  •  Content Marketing “The Dating Formula” (How to properly and effectively use content in your business to drive higher revenue, profit and impact)
  • Master Persuader (How to master the art of selling anything in today’s new economy)
  • Unleash Your Inner Lion ( How To Increase Your Awareness, Change Your Environments and Change Your Life)
  •  Scale quick, Profit Faster (How the most overlooked element of business is keeping you stuck)

See all of Shawn’s upcoming speaking events, keynote events, bootcamps, training camps, and other scheduled events where you can listen and be inspired. From coaching small business owners on improving their mindset, to grinding bootcamps that challenge you out of your comfort zone – witness all the ways Shawn Tiberio can bring out a brand new and better you.

Transformational Speaker for Your Business

A powerful, effective, and charismatic keynote speaker for business, sales and marketing, it’s no surprise that Shawn Tiberio has gained a reputation as one of the most gifted keynote speakers of our generation. You won’t find any other professional speaker that can leave a profound impact on their audience the way Shawn touches the minds and hearts of his audience. 

A successful entrepreneur, Shawn Tiberio has the business and marketing experience to make him a top keynote speaker that’s always in demand. His expertise combined with such a renewed passion for life makes him a highly-respected speaker that can command an audience, no matter how big or small. 

Every one of Shawn’s speaking events features him delivering a tailor-made message of inspiration. Unlike other speakers who rehash the same topics and points in almost every speech, Shawn understands his audience and finds the best way to inspire his audience to go for gold. 

What makes Shawn Tiberio an extremely successful speaker? The secret lies in his speaking philosophy. Not all audiences want to be taught sales from a keynote speaker in typical classroom fashion, and Shawn knows this. What people want, rather, is to hear stories of success and how they achieved it. 

The result: an engaging, entertaining, and inspiring event that can motivate any audience to achieve and do more than they originally thought was possible.

So, if you’re looking for a memorable keynote speaker to draw your audience and leave them inspired, book Shawn Tiberio today!