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Shawn Tiberio

Shawn Tiberio is a Marine Corps veteran with 10 years of honourable service in the United States Marine Corps under his belt. Through multiple deployments and years of extensive training as an Ironman distance triathlete, Shawn has cultivated a mindset that has allowed him to reach his goals, achieve his dreams, and build successful and profitable businesses.

Coupled with a passion to help others, Shawn uses what he’s learned over the years to help others think more like the bigger version of themselves. Today, he sets his sights on business coaching for local real estate companies and investors, equipping them with the tools they need to work on a mindset that will allow them to take on more in life and reach their full potential.

Equip your business with the skills for success

Marketing for real estate doesn’t differ too greatly from marketing in other fields and businesses. However, creating an effective real estate marketing plan can be tricky for those who don’t specialise in marketing or aren’t too familiar with it. This is where Shaw steps in.

With the help of Shawn’s coaching for real estate investors, you can learn everything there is to know about sales and marketing for Real Estate. Start from the ground up and learn how to pinpoint your ideal customer and craft an effective real estate marketing plan that puts your business in front of the right people. Discover different strategies for real estate companies that truly provide results, all tried and tested through REIToolBox, Shawn’s online marketing company that specialises in online marketing for real estate.

When customers start coming in, be prepared with all the necessary skills through Shawn’s sales coaching for real estate investors. Through specialised coaching based on your company’s unique situation, learn different sales techniques from proper sales planning, how to handle sales objections, how to turn leads to clients, and cultivating company culture to increase sales.

Face all your prospects, leads, and customers with the confidence and knowhow of a seasoned salesman and entrepreneur. Whether it’s sales, marketing, or just general local real estate investment strategies, Shawn is here to help you and your business flourish and reach new heights.

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Gain years of wisdom through Shawn’s experience
Over the years, Shawn has been able to work alongside and mentor other entrepreneurs in the early stages of their business as they establish themselves in the market and grow the company into a successful business. He’s also been able to start, build, and sell several profitable businesses of his own.Through practice, trial and error, and the many successes as well as failures along the way, Shawn has learned exactly what it takes to run a business and he’s ready to share all the relevant local real estate business tips.

Today, Shawn maintains a successful marketing company, Top Results Consulting, as well as its sub-unit, REIToolBox that specialises in online marketing for local real estate companies and investors. Through REIToolBox, Shawn has been able to put his expertise to the test and sharpen his skills in real estate marketing. Gain insight from real world marketing strategies for real estate companies, backed by data and analytics.

In an increasingly digital world, the coaching real estate companies receive will not just be about performing in the real estate industry. You’ll also get to learn how to leverage the internet and social media to help grow your real estate business. Learn about search engine optimization, online ads, and social selling; valuable tools to add to any business’ skill set in our digital world.

Shawn’s marketing experience is founded on his specialty of focusing a business message on your ideal client, something very important in digital marketing as well. Know exactly who your business should be talking to and you can do just that with Shawn’s tested and proven process.

Get a copy of Shawn’s book “Marketing is like Dating: The ultimate digital marketing guide for real estate professionals” for FREE

Unlock the mindset to a better self and business

Coaching for real estate investors can provide you with the latest real estate marketing tips and equip you and your team with the skills needed to reach the top of the real estate industry. But none of these will matter if there isn’t a change in your own personal mindset.

Building a successful business starts with oneself and your own sense of entrepreneurship and mindset. Sales coaching can only take you so far, so it’s up to you to unlock your full potential. While this task may seem daunting, even impossible, you too can reach all your goals and dreams.

Unleash Your Inner Lion with Shawn Tiberio! Shawn’s speaking events will teach you the sense of entrepreneurship and mindset that he has cultivated over the years. Just like he has empowered many businesses to claw their way to greatness, you too can experience that same transformation in yourself. Additionally, Shawn provides you with one-on-one coaching sessions to ensure that you, your REI business and your investments are perfect for your situation.

Unlike other events, Shawn tailors his coaching to make sure you get the most out of every lesson. Don’t expect another cookie cutter keynote speech with empty words, but rather a transformative experience that reaches the hearts and minds of anyone willing to grow the inner lion within all of us that’s just waiting to be unleashed.

Outside the event, you can also learn more from Shawn through his podcast, The Shawn Tiberio Show. Get real talk and no fluff about all things business, marketing, and mindset. Or if you prefer reading, you can grab a copy of Fortifying Your Mind, where Shawn breaks down tactics used to shut down that little voice of self doubt. Become a better leader in business and in life.

Get a copy of Shawn’s book “Marketing is like Dating: The ultimate digital marketing guide for real estate professionals” for FREE

Take the first step towards your dreams

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level or are just looking for ways to improve the way you do business in the real estate market, look no further than Shawn Tiberio today. Check the events section to see where Shawn is speaking next, or learn more about sales and marketing in the blog section. Contact us today to learn more about private events or coaching for real estate companies!