Episode #27: Unleash Your Authority With Backlinks

In this episode we are breaking down the power backlinks bring and why you even want to focus on them.

Backlinks help get you noticed. There is no secret that more noise online means more exposure. Heck why else is the lion so feared? He is loud and everyone talks about him.

To unleash and let your Inner lion out, it starts by getting others to point back at you as the go on in your industry.

So What is a Backlink?

A backlink is simply any of your links out there on the internet on someone else’s website. That just means, some website in the world needs to have the link to your website, video, podcast on their site and you earned a backlink. Easy yes? Not so fast. Let’s take a look at how we manage to do this.

How We Gain Backlinks!

There three ways you can go about getting backlinks to help you out. Not all three are as easy as one may think.

The first way is simply earning them. Someone finds value in you or your business and they link to something you have produced. Easy wouldn’t you say? Here lies the problem. This way takes time. It takes you being committed to providing value and knowledge that others can learn or get help from. Not that this should be looked at as a way to ignore. Just understand the focus here should be on value and not putting something out in hopes it get linked to.

So what is another way? You can go and generate them yourself. Remember a linkback is nothing more than your link on another site. So you could post your link in an online chat forum. Maybe you comment to someone and tell them about a great blog you wrote and you post the link. Bam!!! You made a link back.

Now this may seem easy, I will caution you on this approach. If you do this too much and consistently in the same groups. You will quickly look desperate and may even get your site marked as spam. So again I suggest reverting back to “Value”. If it makes sense and will add value to someone your link in hopes they read it, then that is ok. Limit how often you do this approach to protect the spam score of your site.

That leaves us with the final way and that is to build your own. WHAT? Isn’t that the same as before? One might think, however, building your own leverages relationships and value together.

By building your own, you will reach out to others who have a similar niche to you and offer to provide some valuable content for their audience as long as they post it to their site. Inside that piece of content will be a link back to your site. This is one of our favorite ways to build links for our clients. It’s a win win and everyone is happy.

Get Out There And Unleash!

Regardless of how you get backlinks for your site, just focus on value and bringing your A game. If you do this, it will not take long to see your site grow it’s authority and become the lion of your safari.

Until the next episode: Here’s To Your Success!

Shawn Tiberio
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