How to get started in real estate with little to no money!

You’re ready to get started in real estate and yet you have little to no money? I get it, I was there at one time. The good news is, you are not alone and there are a ton of actions we can take to get the ball rolling. So how do you get started in real estate with little to no money? Listen in to this episode and I promise you will learn just that. No it’s not just wholesaling. Although this is a great strategy. It’s going to cost us some money to make that happen. Want more training on how to wholesale? Check out this training on my YouTube channel – How to Wholesale: the 8 Steps to proper wholesaling Also check out episode 003 on the Let’s Get Real Podcast Connect with Shawn on social media – @ShawnTiberio Or online at www.ShawnTiberio.com Ready to get results quickly? Check out the Top Results Coaching Program here – Top Results Coaching Real Estate

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