How Do Business Coaches Help Real Estate Agents Achieve Their Goals?

Over the past few years, business coaching for small businesses has become a necessity for those smaller companies to compete in the market. With that in mind, many real estate agents have started treating their practice in the same manner and have started looking to business coaches for guidance.

The result? More and more real estate professionals are finding success because of these business coaches, and it makes sense: a real estate agent is basically like any other business, which also means that things like marketing plans and business strategies apply to the practice of real estate.

But how exactly do business coaches help real estate agents? If you’re a real estate agent, realtor, or other kind of real estate professional, here are some of the benefits of working with a business coach:

A Business Coach Helps You Understand Your Industry

The times, they are a-changin’, and the real estate industry is no exemption. This means that a lot of the practices by older real estate agents –like cold calls, open houses, door-to-door visits, etc. –have become antiquated or, worse, detrimental to a real estate professional’s overall reputation. That being said, there are tons of ways of doing those things, or a version of those things, using modern tools in a modern context that allows them to reach a larger number of people for a fraction of the effort.

A business coach will help real estate agents understand the modern necessities of their industry, from applying SEO and some basic back-end development of their website for lead generation, to using social media marketing and data analytics to get a birds-eye view of how their customer base interacts with them online. But why is this so important? Well, in the modern world, with everyone practically online, passive lead generation is the name of the game. At its most basic, passive lead generation is the digital equivalent of billboards and yard signs.

When real estate professionals hire a business coach for real estate, they’re given access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise that allows them to find modern solutions to modern real estate problems.

A Business Coach for Real Estate Agents Allows You to Set and Define Your Goals

It’s one thing to want to succeed, but how do you actually know when you’ve made it? Yes, it is about drive and power, but if you have no clearcut goals or well-defined indicators for success, you’ll just end up spinning your wheels around and around until you hit rock bottom. Bleak as it sounds, it’s the reality: without an end goal for your practice, you’ll eventually just end up burning out.

Fortunately, business coaches are able to help with that by working with their clients to define their version of success, create actionable steps for them to get there, and set a strategy of executing those steps. It doesn’t matter whether that goal or indicator of success is an arbitrary number of houses sold or an X amount of money in the bank, it is crucial to the longevity of any business to have that goal clear-cut and well defined because it makes it easier to achieve.

Once a business coach and their real estate agent clients are able to define these goals, they can then come up with a plan that involves actionable steps that are further broken down into smaller, easy to execute moves that allows the client to be constantly moving forward.

A Business Coach Gives You Real Advice Without the BS

But perhaps one of the best things about business coaches helping out real estate agents is this: the business coach knows their working with professionals who have cut their teeth and been baptized by fire in a relatively fierce industry, which means they know there’s no room for bs sugar coating. Real, after all, recognizes real.

A business coach doesn’t have to sell their knowledge to a real estate agent, all they need to do is sit down and give them a dose of reality, and let their clients do what they do best.

All this being said, a business coach with an extensive knowledge of the real estate agent is vital to any real estate professional looking to grow their business.

Book a Call with One of the Best Real Estate Marketing Coaches Out There

Shawn Tiberio has had a successful career providing business coaching for small businesses, but prior to that, he also had a stellar career in real estate and property management. This makes Shawn uniquely position to provide business coaching for real estate agents, realtors, and other professionals in the real estate industry. Contact us, today, to book a call with one of the most trusted business coaches in the country!

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