How Does Active Social Media Marketing Help Real Estate Agents?

Despite living in the 2022, business coaches for real estate agents reported that a surprising number of real estate agents are still relying on traditional (and, in some cases, outdated) modes of marketing: handing out flyers in malls, renting out bus benches, staking billboards on people’s lawns, and many more.

Now, don’t get us wrong: there’s nothing wrong with those methods! They’re still effective, they can still get you a lead, and they can still help with closing a sale. However, all of those can be achieved at an even bigger scale if real estate agents simply used social media strategies to get their name out there.

But is active social media marketing all that it’s cracked up to be? The short answer is: yes, it is. The long answer to how it helps is:

You Get to Reach More People

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik-Tok, or Snapchat, there’s one undeniable fact about social media: a single piece of marketing collateral can reach millions of people in a matter of minutes (if it’s advertised properly).

And that’s not factoring in all of the targeted marketing that you could do with these platforms. Each platform will have a different algorithm that governs the kind of posts that people see, but with a little bit of research, you can definitely create curated content for each platform that has a greater chance of reaching your intended audience members.

By reaching high intent customers, you’re ensuring that you’re reaching the people who need your services, thereby increasing the chances of you closing a sale. With the right social media strategy, you could be reaching hundreds –if not thousands –of potential customers who are almost guaranteed to buy a house from you (if your skills are up to par, of course!).

Of course, it’s not a magic bullet: you still need to learn more about your target market, their wants and needs, demographics, socio-economic statuses, and so on and so forth. However, what social media marketing does is increasing the overall reach of your marketing strategies and making it easier to target certain audiences. Speaking of making things easier…

You Get Access to Better Technology

Social media marketing gives you access to certain technologies that make your life easier and make your marketing strategies that much more efficient. One of the most important ones that we discussed in the section above is called Analytics. Basically, every social media platform out there collects tiny bits of information about its users and their behavior, from the kind of posts they like to the videos they watch and the kind of links they share.

From here, social media platforms can provide marketers with a better picture of their potential customers, allowing you to make more targeted and more accurate advertisements that will only reach the people who have a higher chance of being converted from lead to sale.

But another valuable piece of tech that shines beautifully on social media platforms is VR. With huge leaps in improvement in VR tech over the past few years, more and more real estate professionals are leveraging this tech for house viewing, allowing potential clients to go on full house tours without ever having to leave their current homes. And because social media platforms love content that allows for interactivity between poster and user, posts with VR tech implemented into it has a better chance of reaching your target audience’s home pages.

You Make it More Convenient for Your Clients

But why are those two factors so important? One word: convenience. Having a platform that allows you to target specific members of a demographic and allows you to utilize digital technologies to provide them a glimpse of the real estate you are selling is convenient for both you and your clients. For you, it takes away the guesswork (not to mention legwork!) of having to go around handing out flyers to random people. For your clients, it makes it easier for them to view listings without investing too much time and effort.

Does offering this sort of convenience actually ensure a sale? Of course not. Like we said, there is no magic bullet; that being said, however, social media marketing and the convenience it brings greatly increases your reach, introduces a more convenient way of handling the real estate buying and selling process, and greatly enhances your personal brand and reputation.

We Can Help You Create the Right Social Media Marketing Strategies

All this being said, you still need to have a meaningful, expertly curated social media strategy to help you leverage the most out of your social media marketing experience. Luckily, Shawn Tiberio is here to help! With decades of experience succeeding in the real estate industry, Shawn is now using his in-depth knowledge of both marketing and real estate as a business coach for real estate agents so that he can help a new generation of real estate professionals succeed in the business. Contact us, today, to book a call with Shawn.

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