How does the latest Instagram algorithm affect your real estate digital marketing?

Instagram, like every other social media platform, runs on an algorithm that determines what content a user will see on their feed. Long gone are the days when your feed consisted of chronological posts by the people you follow. Ever since the Instagram algorithm was put into place, many marketers have been mystified by how to show up on their audiences’ feeds. 

Some marketers and companies end up spending hefty sums for help from agencies and coaches to make their Instagram strategy the best. But before you go seek the help of a marketing coach for real estate companies, read on and learn a bit more about how the Instagram alrgorithm works and a few Instagram tips for real estate

How the algorithm works

Although there have been Instagram algorithm updates in 2022, its fundamentals remain the same. Essentially, the Instagram algorithm is a set of rules that determine which content gets seen by target users. There’s actually several algorithms within Instagram that work with separate features of the app: Feed and Stories, Explore, and Reels. 

Generally though, each section of the app will take these details into account:

    • Relationship with your Instagram followers: Do you follow each other? Did they search for you by name? Do you message each other or leave comments? Do you tag each other in posts? 
    • Relevance of the content: Instagram deduces what’s in a given photo or video to post content that people want. 
    • Timeliness of the Instagram post: Newer posts have priority over older ones.

Instagram algorithm updates in 2022

The main update to the algorithm this year aims to reduce the dominance of aggregator sites to give more credit to original creators. Essentially, they want to prioritize those who make their own content rather than just re-posting things from other accounts. 

In a previous update, content re-shared from other apps which included visible watermarks would be downranked. This is focused on re-shares of TikTok content to Reels. However, content edited outside the platform (like ones edited on dedicated photo or video editing apps) won’t be affected. 

Posting history is also a factor. The app is now more likely to detect if you’re an aggregator. So if you re-post a lot of things from other accounts, you will see a decline in your post performance.

Instagram tips for a small business in real estate

Include Reels into your Instagram strategy

As the latest feature introduced to the platform, Reels get more engagement that regular Instagram videos. So posting Reels can help get you more views and reach more people. If you want your Reels to get traction, do these:

    • Shoot videos vertically
    • Use high-resolution video
    • Use all the extra features: music, filters, camera effects, etc.  
    • Don’t use watermarked TikTok videos
    • Keep it short and fun

Using hashtags makes your content more visible

Putting descriptive hashtags in your post is an effective way to boost reach, especially when you’re posting about real estate. It helps the algorithm recognize what your post is about and show it to more people interested in the topic. But don’t just slap on random hashtags like #instagood. Take time to research on the relevant hashtags other popular content creators in your industry/field use. 

Increase engagement with stickers

Engagement is an essential and major factor in the Instagram algorithm. If you’re not getting enough comments, you can drive more engagement through Stories. Stories comes with a unique feature of being able to add in question stickers, emoji sliders, and polls.  They’re quick and easy ways for viewers to interact with your content and help increase your page’s engagement. 

Post consistently

Being able to publish content regularly is another surefire way to be rewarded by the algorithm and increase reach. While you can decide to share a lot of posts, some may find that too difficult. You can focus instead on showing up consistently and releasing content on a schedule.

During Instagram’s Creator Week in June 2021, Adam Mosseri, CEO of Instagram, shared that posting two feed posts a week and two Stories per day is enough to build a solid following. 

Master your Instagram strategy with a marketing coach for real estate companies. 

These tips should help you get started, but as time goes by the algorithm is bound to change. Staying on top of what works on the platform can be difficult, but you can master it with the help of Shawn Tiberio.

Shawn Tiberio is an established real estate agency coach, motivational speaker, and a sales/marketing master. Dedicated to building business that succeed, Shawn can help you learn what it takes to grow your business to its highest potential. Contact Shawn today and take the first step towards smashing your real estate goals. 

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