How to Stage an Excellent Property Viewing for your Real Estate Clients

Any marketing coach for real estate companies will tell you that a property viewing can make or break a sale: do it wrong and you would have wasted your client’s afternoon. However, show off the right qualities of a property and your clients will be signing the papers even before they exit the front door.

There are many ways to show off the best qualities of your real estate property for clients to appreciate, but here are some of the best ways to stage it for them.

Know the Right Routes

Showing off a property doesn’t begin when you walk your clients through the front door: it happens long before that, when you’re giving them directions on how to get there. Remember that your clients, whether they’re buying a residential home or a commercial property, are also investing in the neighborhood it’s in.

When giving out directions, try to make them pass scenic routes whenever possible. Yes, provide the straight drive through routes as well, but when you can (and when it’s not too inconvenient), have them pass through as much of the neighborhood as possible so they get a feel of what it would be like to stay there.

Sell the Lifestyle, Not the Property

In the real estate industry, it’s always a good idea to be the foremost expert in the property you’re selling. This means you need to know square footages of every room, materials used in building, zoning, etc. and you should be able to recite this at the top of your head.

But that’s not usually enough: you need to know why those facts and figures matter to your clients. Remember, you’re not selling a house: you’re selling a lifestyle. If your clients are family-oriented, show off the bedrooms and living areas. If they enjoy entertaining guests, focus their attention on the kitchen and living areas. Your property should be the solution to their pain points, and every marketing collateral you provide should reflect this.

Sometimes, Less is More

When showing off a piece of property to prospective clients, you need to perform a fine balancing act between selling the kind of life they could expect in that property while keeping it depersonalized as possible so they can fill in the blanks themselves. There’s an art to staging the property so that it acts as a template that clients complete mentally, but the best mindset going into is by thinking minimalist.

Keep only the bare essentials of your property’s interiors and try to leave as much space as possible between pieces of furniture. In this way, you’re able to paint a mental portrait for your client that gives them an idea of where things could go and how everything fits together.

Get Some Greenery

Being as minimalist as possible is great, but you still want to make your property feel like a home, and nothing does this more effectively than by having plants in your property. Again, be a minimalist when planting potted plants around, but try to make sure that every plant you use is as lush and as green as possible.

Space out your plants so that each room gets a subtle touch of green; don’t try to crowd your plants in one area (unless, of course, it’s a garden or a greenhouse). Flowers aren’t recommended, especially strong-smelling ones, because they might trigger potential allergies. Ivies and other creeping plants are great décor for arches and doorways, while simple, big-leafed plants are great for places with high foot traffic.

Let There Be (The Right Kind) of Light

In cinema, some of the best shots are composed using the right type of lighting. This is true for real estate viewings as well: remember that 90% of information we receive about the world around us comes through visually, so make sure to show off your property during a time when the light hits it perfectly.

If your property has high ceilings, try to go in the morning when the rooms are filled with natural light. If it has expansive bay windows and gorgeous views, try to show it off during the mid-afternoon or the golden hour so you can get the most dramatic light possible.

Learn More with Shawn Tiberio!

To get the most out of any viewing, it’s always best to keep the needs of your client in mind. But that kind of skill takes time to master, which is why Shawn Tiberio is here to help you get started! Shawn is a highly successful real estate professional of twenty years but he is now focusing on being a highly sought-after business coach for real estate companies and helping the new generation of realtors develop the essential skills to be at the top of their game.

Want to learn more? Contact us today so we can book a call with you and Shawn!

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