Leveraging Social Media for Real Estate Entrepreneurs

Technology and the internet have changed the dynamics of marketing for many companies. Social media is now an important tool for marketers and is integral to many industries, especially in real estate.

In the right hands, social media for a small business in real estate can be a powerful tool. From generating leads to building your brand, social media may just be the key to growing your business. 

Read on to see what you can do with social media and how to post on social media for real estate. 

Which social media platform is perfect for small businesses in real estate? 

One of the most frequent themes that a marketing coach for real estate firms focuses on is which social media platform small businesses should utilize. This is an excellent question, given how many different social networking platforms are now available.

When it comes to real estate, there are 4 main platforms that have proven useful: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. 

Facebook has users from a wide range of ages and is somewhat more popular among older people. It’s an excellent platform to promote business-related information, events, and personality-oriented material like new employee news, client appreciation, and success tales.

LinkedIn is a more professional social media network where you can connect with others in the industry. This can also be a great pace to share real-estate related news, connect with customers, and post company accolades. All of this content is geared towards building your brand as a credible resource for other clients or investors. 

Twitter is the platform for creating a community and getting news on the industry. Using and following relevant hashtags lets you join conversations and partake in social listening to gain audience insights. Although it isn’t recommended that you dedicate most of your time on Twitter, considering that the platform does not grow as exponentially as the other three. 

Instagram is where your company’s visuals can really shine. It has a variety of content types like static carousels, stories, and reels. These all provide a sense of place. You may post photographs of popular places and neighborhoods, as well as video walkthroughs of properties you’re attempting to sell. You may also convey information that real estate buyers would find helpful, like square footage, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and other amenities.

Whatever platform you use, be sure to create a business profile for your profile, include a link to your website, and make sure that the name of your firm, email address, phone number, and location are consistent across all sites.

Practices to maximize social media for real estate small businesses

After choosing your platforms and setting up your business profiles, you then have to begin managing your social media presences. Here are a few practices that will help you make the most out of it.

Post valuable content

When it comes to how to use social media for real estate, keep in mind that your posts must always be beneficial. Give relevant information about a property being sold or anything else having to do with the real estate industry. When your material provides value to customers other than being entertaining, you’re more likely to get engagement.

Utilize social media advertising

Many social media platforms have built-in advertising tools to help small business entrepreneurs reach a wider audience. Although the specific parameters differ per platform, most social media advertising tools will give you control over targeting and ad spend. This means you can spend as little or as much as you want per day and still reach the specific target market you want to talk to.

Look into social media analytics

Another great thing about social media is the built-in analytics tools. This data tells you how well your posts and ads are doing. It helps you understand what people like and how much they like it. Do not ignore this valuable information because it will help you create better content that more people will enjoy.

Unlock the potential of social media with a real estate agency coach

Using social media for your small real estate business is just one method to help your business succeed. There are so many other ways to grow your business and you can learn all of these with a trusted marketing coach for real estate companies like Shawn Tiberio.

Let Shawn help you build your business into the massive success it can be. Contact us today and learn what steps you need to take to reach your business’ goals.

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