Overcome The Most Common Sales Objections For New Leads

Getting sales is always the first hurdle a company has to go through to start generating revenue. It’s natural during this process for your sales team to come across a lot of rejection when reaching out to different leads. Don’t let this rejection distract you and think that you need to hire a marketing consultant for small business or maybe even a digital marketing consultant.

You can turn those “No’s” into sales with the right training for your sales team. When you hear a “no” that’s a sales objection and it’s definitely something that you can turn into a yes.

Keep reading to learn more about the different kinds of sales objections you’ll likely encounter how to deal with these.

4 Main Types Of Sales Objections

Whether you’re selling goods or a service, you’ll typically encounter the same kinds of sales objections when you contact a lead for the first time. Sales consultants have studied these extensively and they’ve concluded that, in most cases, sales objections fall under one of four categories.

Lack Of Budget

This is the objection you’ll encounter most frequently simply because all purchases come with some level of financial risk.

When you hear things like “It’s too expensive” or “we don’t have the budget for this” you’ll want to turn the conversation into one about risk vs. reward. Consider the positioning of your product and how to demonstrate value. By painting a picture of where your solution will take them, you can convince them that the reward justifies the risk.

Lack Of Trust

Since this may be the first time you’re talking to a lead, it’s natural that they’re hesitant to do business with you. After all, people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

If this is an inbound sales conversation, the lead would have interacted with your content and be somewhat familiar with you. In this scenario, jog their memory on why they considered you. You can also consider your sales cycle and see whether it’s feasible to nurture them through it.

If this isn’t an inbound conversation, double down on the value you provide using your elevator pitch. Make sure to emphasize the authority your company has in the market.

Lack Of Need

This is an objection that’s actually an opportunity to provide information to the prospect while also getting some from them in return. Ask open-ended and layered questions to qualify the prospect. If you find that they’re a fit, leverage it to demonstrate value.

Lack Of Urgency

In this case, the goal is to identify if timing is the issue or if the lead is just brushing you off. You can do this by asking them to elaborate on why it’s not important or what other priorities have their attention right now.

Listen closely to determine if the response involves real timing issues or just vague excuses. If they’re trying hard to justify inaction on a real pain point, you might have an opening.

When all else fails, schedule a call with them at a later date so you can delve deeper into the issue.

4-Step Approach To Overcoming Objections

A good sales consultant for small business will teach you that no matter what objection you may face, there’s always a way to overcome it. So in any situation, follow these four steps to get around these and get through to the lead.

1. Listen Fully To Their Objection

Don’t be defensive and respond right away and take the time to listen to what they’re saying.

2. Understand The Objection Fully

Try to understand the reason why they’re objecting. You may uncover pain points that your product can address.

3. Respond Accordingly

When you’ve fully understood the situation, try to resolve their issue right away, if possible, but don’t wing it. You can try getting back to them after some research to answer their concern.

4. Confirm You’ve Satisfied The Objection

Once you’ve responded to the objection, check if you’ve satisfied their concerns. See if they’re actually happy with the proposed solution and they’re not just nodding you off.

Sharpen Your Sales Skills With A Sales Consultant For Small Business

Overcoming sales objections is just one skill your sales rep will need to learn to successfully convert leads into sales. Improve your skills further with the help of a sales consultant for small business, like Shawn Tiberio. Get in touch and learn from a veteran marketing consultant and take your business to the next level.

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