Thinking Of Rebranding? Here Are Some Key Tips For A Flawless Execution

There are a number of reasons why you would think of rebranding your business. Your sales may be decreasing, you are losing loyal customers, or you haven’t changed the look and style of your brand in a while. Whatever your reason may be, if you are asking “How to rebrand my business?”, you came to the right place.

But first, let us first define what rebranding is. Simply put, rebranding is a marketing strategy that involves changing a brand’s image. The goal is to create a new brand identity in the minds of your stakeholders and the general public.

Now that you have a better idea about it, here are some key tips for rebranding your business.

Be clear on your reason

First off, determine why you need to do the rebrand. What issues should the rebrand address? What works and what doesn’t? Try to reach out to your customers as well on what needs changing.

Determine your current and planned new identity

Now that you have a clear reason, it’s time to evaluate your current identity. Ask yourself more questions about the business. Consider your company culture by asking how your current brand could fit better. Keep in mind your brand’s mission statement before deciding on the changes that need to be done.

However, make sure that you won’t be fixing things that aren’t broken.

Figure out the scope

Before finally creating your plan, determine the scope. You might need a total rebrand, but also check if a smaller brand refresh could suffice. This is also dependent on the challenges identified in the first tip.

After this, you can now create your plan.

Audit changes

With a plan created, you need to document the changes that need to be made. This will make it easier for all employees to understand the changes and what they are supposed to bring about.

Your documentation should lay out what is wrong, how you will fix it, and when all the changes are going to take place. Start by making a list of all the marketing parts of your business that will need to be updated such as logos, signs, websites, etc.

Research on your customer

After auditing changes, you might also want to consider looking into your customer base and decide if part of your rebrand is targeting a new market. This could get you a new base of loyal customers and boost your business, keeping your business location fresh and exciting.

Test and market the rebrand

Once you are done with rebranding, get some opinions about it before fully launching. When you get a good reception, make sure all of your employees and managers are comfortable and up to speed on all the changes that are going to be made.

Then, make sure to market your rebrand by means of setting a launch date and announcing on your various marketing channels.

A few more things to note

Still thinking about whether your company needs a rebrand? Keep in mind that this could also happen multiple times during your business’s life. So before getting into it, make you sure that you have the time, resources, and innovation to pull it off smoothly.

Need some more help? It might be a good idea to avail of business coaching for a small business.

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“I’m thinking of rebranding my business, but I don’t know where to start.”

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Shawn Tiberio is a successful serial entrepreneur, building a successful real estate company and founding a thriving management property business.

He also partakes in coaching for small business owners, as he had the opportunity to work alongside and mentor other entrepreneurs as they were in the early stages of developing their business. With multiple companies built and sold, Shawn and his experience are dialed into helping young businesses thrive.

Shawn’s specialty is in the art of focusing a business message on their ideal client. Knowing who your ideal client is and exactly how to get your business in front of them. As an expert in coaching small businesses, he takes his experience, mixed with a tested and proven process to dial in the exact audience your business should be talking to.

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