Using TikTok to market your real estate services

We’ve all heard of using social media to help promote and market your real estate business. In most cases, any given business will be present in at least one social media network like Facebook. But have you considered using TikTok for your small real estate business?

TikTok is an insanely popular social media app that focuses on short-form video content. The app has over a billion monthly active users, so you know it has massive potential for reaching a wide audience for your business. But does TikTok work for real estate businesses and services? 

We’re here to answer this very question and give you an introduction on how to use TikTok to market real estate services. Let’s get into it! 

Does TikTok work for real estate

The biggest question you might have is if the platform even works for the real estate industry. Is there an audience there for you? Unsurprisingly, 40% of TikTok’s audience is aged between 16-24 – not the market for real estate agents. But that doesn’t mean TikTok won’t work for you. That audience might not be ready to buy a home now, but they could be in 2 years. 

For both younger audiences and millennials who are currently looking to buy their first home, TikTok is definitely worth looking into. By providing valuable content, you can help first-time home buyers prepare for this major milestone. Younger users who see your content can still gain value from your content and grow with you over the next couple years. 

TikTok is also gaining millions of new users every day, so don’t discount it as a possible way to reach older audiences. The platform also has many different trends that can apply to numerous industries. You can also capitalize on certain hashtags that have a consistently high number of views like #homesforsale (24.4M views) and #luxuryrealestate (556M views).

The true beauty of TikTok is its algorithm that uniquely gives all users an equal opportunity to go viral. With a steady increase of users daily, it’s easier to get a large amount of organic reach without needing a large fanbase or paid promotion. 

How to use TikTok to market real estate services

Using TikTok to promote your business is simply about consistently creating video content. There are a lot of different ways you can go about this so here are a few tips and guidelines when coming up with real estate content. 

Target a real estate niche

One strategy would be to establish a niche. You can narrow this down to specific client types, like expired listings or FSBOs. You can also go for more general types of clients like home buyers or sellers. But even then, it’s much better that you go specific when targeting those categories, like first-time home buyers or home flippers. Envision the ideal client within this niche and think of their common questions and concerns. Your content can focus on that. 

Use popular audio

TikTok has become especially unique because of songs or background music. TikTok audio can be a clip of a song, random sounds, or a sound bite from a TV show or movies. These audio clips can also go viral, so just like hashtags, using viral audio clips can help users find your content.

Although you can upload a video without music, TikTok is heavily driven by audio clips. Even if your video is about you speaking to the camera, consider adding popular audio clips and turning the volume down to help the video spread. 

Capitalize on trends

There’s always a new TikTok trend going around, so you can be sure that there are a lot of people using an audio clip, dance, or filter to join the bandwagon. Take a few minutes on the For You page to see the latest viral audio clip or filter. These can be great jumping off points for creating content that can be easily found and shared faster. 

Master TikTok and social media with business coaching for real estate companies

TikTok can be just the thing to help your business reach new customers and grow to new heights. Navigating TikTok and other social media platforms takes time to get used to, but you can cut that time down with the help of Shawn Tiberio

Shawn is a seasoned real estate agency coach who has dedicated years of his life to help build brands that succeed. Contact Shawn today and learn how he can help you achieve your real estate business goals. 

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