Why Branding is Always Key to Your Real Estate Company’s Success

We all know that marketing for real estate companies shouldn’t even be a question: it is absolutely essential to a real estate company’s survival, and a crucial component required to thrive. And within marketing, one of the most important disciplines is branding. If marketing is essential for a company’s survival, branding is essential for a company’s actual success.

But ‘branding’ isn’t just a logo and a business name; real branding requires companies to pay attention to every visual way they connect with their target audience, from how you word your collaterals and your overarching message houses to the colors and slogans of your brand.

In the real estate industry, investments usually start in the 6-figures, which makes it an extremely important investment for many people, which is why your real estate company’s branding can make or break you: after all, a real estate company that has the wrong branding can attract the wrong people and convince them to make the wrong investments. This is what business coaching for small businesses tries to emphasize to their clients: build the right relationships with the right people, and you’ll mutually grow.

And while branding –and marketing, in general –is a fairly refined discipline, there are certain things your real estate company can do on its own to get it started on the right path.

Good Branding Builds Trust, Distinction, and Loyalty.

Real estate investments can make a family’s life beautiful or awful, depending on the kind of investment they make. This is why the best real estate companies take the time to connect with their clients on an emotional level to help understand the needs of their people.

This kind of distinction is what makes these companies succeed; far from being just a transactional relationship, the branding of these companies relies on broadcasting a message of emotional connection and active communication.
And this is important in an industry that relies on convincing people to put up hundreds of thousands of dollars –with some people even using up their life savings –to build their home. Good branding builds three important things: trust, distinction, loyalty.

Trust is one of the most important aspects of real estate. Your clients need to trust the fact that you know what you’re doing, that you’ve studied market trends, and done your due diligence researching the property. Good branding should let clients know from the get-go that yes, you’re for real, and yes, you can be trusted.
Of course, before they can trust you, your company needs to stand out from the crown. Good branding makes you distinctive. This is the more visual aspect of branding that relies on creating logos and company colors that are memorable, collaterals that are easy to understand, and content that connects with them on a personal basis.

Do all of these correctly, and your branding will generate one of the most important money-making aspects of real estate: customer loyalty. Referrals are like gold coins for real estate companies, and a happy customer that trusts your services is going to be referring you to anyone who will listen, not to mention make you their choice of real estate service provider for decades to come.

Basics of Brand Building

Thankfully, branding for real estate companies is similar to branding for any other kind of company. This means that basic brand building concepts apply, such as:

    • Mission Statements: the goals and values of your company from which your personality and identity revolve around.
    • Applying a Visual Identity: this means carefully designing a logo and website, picking appropriate colors and fonts, and creating distinct collaterals that reflect your company’s values.
    • Creating a Corporate Personality: this entails using a specific kind of language and tone when dealing with clients, whether in person or online.
    • Ad Campaigns: the platforms you’ll be using to connect with your customers
      Brand Bible: a written document that describes all the guidelines your agents must follow when interacting with customers.
    • This isn’t exactly an exhaustive list, but with these basics, your company can get started on the right path to creating a brand that is memorable, noticeable, and trustworthy.

Learn More with Shawn Tiberio!

Before he became one of the most successful providers of business coaching services for small businesses in America, Shawn Tiberio had a highly successful career in both the real estate and property management industries. This makes Shawn a trustworthy and qualified expert in marketing specifically for real estate agents and businesses because he understands the quirks and intricacies of the real estate industry. Contact us, today, to learn more about how Shawn Tiberio can help you grow your local real estate business with marketing!

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