Developing the Right Mindset to Conquer the Local REI Market

Anyone getting into a highly competitive industry like the local real estate industry probably asked this question already and have looked for tips on their own. However, reading up on sales tips for real estate is simply the first step to developing your own sales mindset. The next step will be to embody these steps in every aspect of your work so you can conquer the scene with ease!

We compiled a bunch of tips to take in consideration while developing your own successful sales mindset. Read on to discover them, too:

Follow up or D.I.E.

Following up on deals should be in the bible of real estate marketing, if such a bible existed. After all, you don’t want to D.I.E., do you?

Before you call us dramatic, let’s check out what could happen if you don’t follow up:


  • The first D will happen if you fail to follow up. Naturally, deals can fall through due to a lack of proper communication. You become discouraged, and fail to perform.


  • Previously vibrant conversations can now become inactive. You don’t want to lose your connections to someone else.


  • Who wants to maintain an inactive conversation? Your contact can exit altogether.

Try following once a week or every other day for more active deals. Your future clients will appreciate the initiative.

Respond fast

On average, sales representatives who respond quickly 35-50% more sales when they respond quickly. We understand that you may be busy throughout the day, but you want at least 90% of your responses to be sent over as quickly as possible to your potential client.

Remember that each person you’re talking to is probably talking to two or three other sales reps. You want to close the deal first, so reply first.

Create value

This is a great way to foster client relationships. Every single property you need to sell has its own set of unique selling propositions. It’s best that you review each and create a comprehensive list of them, ready to present to clients at any time.

Potential clients will likely pay attention to what you have to sell if you can market it to tailor fit their needs. A newly wed couple might be more interested in a small townhouse near downtown rather than a big house in a plush suburb. But that doesn’t mean you can’t sell the big house! That could go to your older client with teenage children. See what we mean?

Learn from your peers

While you’re starting out as a sales representative, it’s natural to ask advice from your superiors. But as you move up in your career ladder, you’ll find yourself becoming superior to someone else instead. So who do you ask for advice from now?

Take note of the top performing colleagues who accompany you at work. These are the ones who constantly hit targets and are in line for promotions. Ask them for advice whenever you can, and take their words to heart. They knew how to get there after all!

Be willing to help

Whether you own the real estate business or not, think of it as your own small business. Because you now have an entrepreneurial mindset, you know that you should do everything you can for the business to succeed, and that means developing a helpful, positive attitude.

No question is too simple and beneath you. You should be willing to help anyone, whether it be a colleague or a potential client, even with something as simple as where your listing price is. Yes, even if the answer may seem obvious to you. Helpful agents are memorable!

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