How To Create An Effective Real Estate Marketing Plan

If you could boil down the one thing that separates a good real estate agent from a great real estate agent, it will have to be this: the creation of a personalized real estate marketing plan. The marketing plan is a great way for real estate agents to be clear about how they’ll go about developing their personal brand, how they can make more people aware of their brand, and how this branding can lead people to trust them more often.

While there are multiple ways to create a real estate marketing plan, we spoke to some of the best sales consultants for small businesses to help us get to its most essential parts, and here’s what we found out. But first…

What is a Real Estate Marketing Plan?

Simply put, a real estate marketing plan is a well-thought out and easy-to-follow guide that maps out all the things you need to do to grow your real estate business via best practices in marketing. In a real estate marketing plan, a real estate agent writes down actionable steps to get the word out on their real estate business.

Yes, it honestly is that simple.

But don’t be fooled; a real estate marketing plan is the deciding factor that can dictate whether a real estate agent becomes successful. That’s because a real estate marketing plan is the single, most successful generator of real estate leads, ranking higher than post signs or even social media (although both are still advisable marketing efforts to utilize!).

In general, most leads are created by word-of-mouth marketing, or, as it is most commonly known, a real estate referral. According to extensive research done by various inbound marketing consultants for small businesses, word-of-mouth marketing accounts for roughly 75% of their business from clients that they’ve worked with prior. That’s because real estate is such a significant investment that they will only work with realtors or real estate agents that are either trusted by many other people or someone they’ve had a previously successful relationship with.

But word-of-mouth marketing is just one way of getting your name as a real estate agent out there; there are dozens of different ways to go about marketing yourself, but of all these ways, the most successful rely on two factors: establishing a presence, and highlighting your credibility.

Establish Your Presence

An effective real estate marketing plan’s first step is to establish the real estate agent’s presence. Real estate agents need to have a highly visible presence in their area of operation if they want to have a chance of capturing a market. Regardless of whether you use word-of-mouth, social media, a website, flyers, or post signs (all of which, by the way, are effective and credible ways of generating presence), real estate agents need to have a marketing plan that places an emphasis on getting the word out.

But more than just making people aware of who you are, they need to be aware of the right thing about you, which leads us to…

Highlight Your Credibility

An effective real estate marketing plan builds awareness by highlighting a real estate agent’s credibility. In real estate, your credibility is your main currency: without it, there’s no way for you to be successful at all.

That being said, even with the best credibility out there, if people aren’t made aware of it, then it’s practically useless. An effective real estate marketing plan needs to highlight your credibility –be it past successful transactions or relevant qualifications. Again, a real estate agent’s best tool in generating leads is word-of-mouth marketing, but that can only be successful if the word being spread is positive.

However, more than just positive, the word being spread about you needs to be about how credible you are as a real estate agent. This will reassure future clients that the person they’re working with has their best interest at heart and will take care of their investment in the best way possible.

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