How to get in touch with real estate clients who barely communicate with you

Success in real estate relies on effective communication, especially for property agents. An agent needs to have the essential communication skills in order to close a deal and develop a sizable real estate client database.

Building lasting relationships with your real estate clients depends on having meaningful, productive interactions. Engage in productive conversation with them to learn about your clients’ requirements and provide them with information.

Here are some tips on how to get in touch with real estate clients.

Building trust with clients

Many moving parts are involved in real estate deals. It can be challenging to keep things straight, and if information slips through the cracks or isn’t delivered on time, it might increase a client’s sense of mistrust.

Commit to proactive client communication to ensure that situations like that don’t occur. When you receive any important news, whether it’s good or bad, you should try your best to let them know as soon as possible.

Wondering how to follow up with real estate deals? Scheduling weekly check-ins when working on a project might help. By being available and proactively communicating with your clients, you create an excellent experience.

Keep in mind to be empathetic as well. Demonstrating an understanding of your client’s situation builds a foundation of trust.

Make the client feel comfortable

There are a number of ways in which you can make this happen. If the interaction is in person, try mirroring their behavior. This is a proven method for building rapport. Start by paying attention to your client’s energy level, tone of voice, posture, and hand use. Then imitate their actions. According to body language expert Carol Kinsey Goman, “When using mirroring in a business setting, you will know that you have developed mutual rapport if your partner begins to mirror you in return.”

You may also try the technique called “quid pro quo”—for every piece of information they give to you, you give a little bit back to keep the conversation flowing. This avoids awkwardness especially with more introverted clients. It also helps to let them know that the interaction will be brief, since people are more willing to speak if they know they won’t get stuck in a long conversation.

Get better answers

To make sure that your client call or meeting would be productive, you need to get good answers from them.

For this to happen, try asking open-ended questions. Avoid asking questions that have a single answer. Let’s imagine you recently learned that a client enjoys hiking. Rather than asking, “Where is your favorite hiking spot? ” or “When did you start hiking?” try asking, “What do you enjoy best about hiking?” Questions like these will result in richer conversations.

In addition, don’t offer possible answers. Don’t ramble nervously when presenting a topic, especially at first: “So, what are you looking for in a home…something in a quiet neighborhood? Something that’s more urban? A more traditional look, or perhaps a more modern one…?” You can unknowingly be creating expectations for their response by doing this. Let them speak up in their own words. You can always ask more detailed questions later to receive the answers you need.

These are just a few tips but for further knowledge on building rapport, try seeking the services of a real estate coach.

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